Saturday, July 24, 2010

An Epiphany Of Reality....

Basically, this is my first blog...ever. I figured I can make one of these because people bored on the internet love reading other people's thoughts on random stuff and experiences (as opposed to looking at porn... which everyone likes to do, they're just afraid of admitting it). So here I am, typing my thoughts from this weekend, and here you are, reading said thoughts.

I figure that I had better start out from my beginning as to give the reader's a little bit of an insight into my history on this planet. I was born in 1990, in Brisbane. My parent's granted me the name John Samuel Wrightson Baird, in which they and pretty much everyone else in my life have been calling me Sam. Now, here is where most people go "But why don't you call yourself John?". So I will tell you, the reader, exactly what I tell everyone that asks me this; It's a Baird family tradition. The first born male is given the name John before his chosen name (my father is John Bennett, or Ben, my grandfather was John Donald, my great-grandfather was John Percival). I didn't wake up one morning and decide that John wasn't for me... that's just how it is. Anyway, I did the school thing for 12 years, which I hated, and now here I am. 2 and a half years out of school, I have no idea what I want to do with my future. I just have realistic views, a super wild imagination and a dream.

Here are 3 realistic views about me that I know I do not want in a job:
  • I couldn't handle being a desk-jockey
  • I am a tad clumsy for full on constant manual labor
  • I don't have the motivation to go and study for another 4 years and become $20,000 in debt just to get a degree that I might do something with.
I am not going to get roped into something unless I know 100% it's what I want. But it's just so bloody hard to decide what to do these days. Yeah, for some people, they can click their fingers and say "I am going to be in Politics...". (That's a bad example... the Government hand-picks their politicians by finding the biggest bullshitters and liars in the classroom, then they grow them on misleading views and false hope).

tl;dr I don't know what I want to freaking do.

But, as a friend told me, it's perfectly fine to not know what to do at this stage, because one day I will find it. For now, all I've got to do is keep searching and not give up. Because if you roll with the punches, you get a break at the end of the round, you get up, and beat the living shit out of anyone that doubted you, then you're happy.

At least that's something along those lines....

Listened to The Amity Afflictions Youngbloods while I was writing this blog.