Monday, December 13, 2010

Fury, Deliver Me.

I am going to start this new blog entry is with a shout-out to Paz. I hope you're enjoying your Metallica shirt.

Alright, not a lot has happened since the last blog post actually... Just a few more little tiffs with my parents, one problem that nearly caused two of my friends to stop speaking to each other, but all of that has come to pass now. And we're all better for it. (I know I can't start a sentence with "And", but fuck it, this is the internet.)

I'm just trying to remember what exactly has happened between this post and the last one. Hmm. 
Well, I saw Metallica a few weeks back, that was just fucking awesome. I can now die happy.
It is truly amazing to see a band like Metallica play in front of your very eyes. They've been around for close to 30 years, and for them to be still doing what they're doing, and the fact that (most of) the original band members are still there... it's awe-inspiring. 
Anyway, that was easily the best thing I have ever been involved with in my entire life, and for his 21st, I took my best mate Alex along with me. Happy Birthday dude, that has got to be a fucking great present haha.

As far as job-hunting and TAFE is concerned, I'm still looking for constant work. I'm doing a few days here and there for my fathers workplace, but it isn't steady. 

and TAFE is going great. Slamming through all of the drawings and shit... yeah.

Meanwhile, I noticed it is around that time of the year that is called "Christmas".. and I must say; What a fucking joke.
All the kids are being lied to by their parents, the parents are buying the kids heaps of shit they aren't going to use, and ties and socks are getting recycled every year to relatives who don't want them.
This isn't to mention the whole principle this holiday is based around.

Now I am not spiritual, or religious in anyway, so there is certainly going to be bias, but really... it annoys me how parents lie to their kids just to keep up with an outdated social trend.

If your kid want presents, give them the fucking presents and say they're from you, not from some made-up douche in a red outfit that flies around on a wooden crate pulled by magical deer that have to get around the whole world in one night. It saves the kids from asking questions when they find out the truth, and I'm sure when they're old enough they will appreciate the fact that you didn't lie to them.

Now while everyone else is celebrating Christmas, I'll be celebrating "don't give a fuck-mas", and may I just say, the eggnog is much better over here.

Merry Fucking Christmas and a Happy fucking New Year 


Sam was listening to Parkway Drive's new album "Deep Blue" while writing this post.